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A Drunken Time!
Friday, May 23, 2008

Mimi, Haiqal, Abaque, Sofia and I went out. We ate at McDonald's frst, drivethru as we 'supposingly' planned to eat sumwhere else. But guess we were abit too dumb to actually realize that it rained a few hourse before, and everything was damp, wet and icky yucky.

So we decided to just go back to McD and eat there =] We chatted, catched up with whats new with life and stuff. Of course, what's us without cameras? So we took some pictures for memories :D Will post them up soon, as I'm not on my laptop and I'm tooo lazy to transfer them atm xD

After that we sent Sofia back home =] and decided to just hang out at Abaque's crib. He's studying fashion designing now [Lim Kok Wing], and apparently has a celebrity (Diana sumthing) wearing his outfit for a magazine spread-which I think is uber cool!^^ We had ribena-Yay!!! and abaque brought his SLR camera down. A Canon 400D with some zoom, and some added lenses. It was my frst time actually being able to play around with an SLR, so i kinda think photography is fun! We suddenly had this crazy idea, pretending the bloody RIBENA is wine. We took all drunken poses and stuff. And I hope to receive it soon! ^^ At 11.30, we went back home =] Yay! I love the feeling of having friends around me =3

xoxo. <3

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