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My First Accident =S
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ok, i got into an accident yesterday night. I know, freaky right. But it wasn't my fault though. You see, the traffic light near my house seems to have turned 90 degrees to the left, which makes drivers from my side confused. This is prolly caused by the strong wind and storm that has been occuring everyday.

So yes, it was around 8.20pm when I left to pick Armin up from KDE. While reaching the traffic light, I realized that the traffic light was missing and I saw red-althought the lights were showing in the other direction. Would I wanna take the risk and start accelerating? No. So i hit on my brakes, and eventually stopped. When suddenly I heard *boom!* Then I knew, I was in an accident.

So I drove to one side, and so did the other car that hit me from the back. It was a woman driver, with her kids inside. I got out and asked, "what just happened?". And she was like "Aiyoo why u stop! it was green". Then I went, "I saw it red, thats why I slowed down, I was confused", and she was like, "Aiyo, look at my car laa". Daddy arrived a few minutes later. Talked to the woman, and we explained what happened. Then OBVIOUSLY it was her fault. Plus, the car at the back is always at fault no matter what. My daddy told her that at this junction, no matter if its green or not, you should always slow down cuz there is always bound to me one or two vehicles beating the light. But the way she talked, made me wanna punch her in te face. Even my dad hated it, and said it was arrogant.

A few minutes later, her husband arrived, insepcted the car, and asked what happened. So he asked, was the light red or green, then asked who hit who. Then the woman said, I hit her. Then, the husband cooly just said, "Then it's your fault la, You have to pay". Thats when she started to tone down her voice. I guess now she knows she's at fault. After that her sister arrived, and called some ppl to come to estimate the damage.

The damage on my car, at that time was driving the Rav4, was verly little. A slight dent at the right hand side of the back bumper. But hers was quite terrible. She was driving a Honda, civic maybe? Gold-silver. Her bonet was all dented up, bumper quite badly damaged. They're gonna claim insurance, but if the cost seems to be alot, they might have to make a report. Which is gonna be a hassle for all of us. Since we have to go hear there, wait and stuff. I think that's the verdict as she called me yesterday night, mentioning the cost? and said that she cannot afford to pay. She speaks SO LOUD and with the bloody annoying pitch. lol.

Well, alhmadulillah, none of us was hurt. I did take a picture of her number plate (WLT 2416), and u cud see the dent on her car abit. Maybe next time I'll put the picture in when I'm using my laptop =]

Now I'm waiting patiently for the new patch for Perfect World to be up. I can't wait! Marriage system whohooo! New aviation, new pets, new FASHION!!! YAY!!! Imma fashion whore! xD

xoxo. <3

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