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Seafood Day! xD
Sunday, May 25, 2008

So today, Al & I went out. And yes, turned out today was seafood day! xD You asking why?

Well, today we decided not to watch a movie =] So he picked my up at around 11.30 a.m since we were so exhausted from yesterday! We headed to the Honda Showroom near Ampang Point. Went to look at the new Honda Accord & Honda Civic. Al seems to be having a problem choosing between these two. I love the Accord's interior, but the exterior seems to be a little bit tooo executive-ish. Honda civic on the other hand, has a nice exterior ( Loving the lights at the front! ), but the interior is a bit... opposite-of-pretty? Its blue and beige-ish gray. Yes, I know. It's very opposite-of-pretty! But Al seems to really like it despite the interior colour. And the salesgirl also told us that the civic is a much better choice. Seems like the choice has been made! Looking forward to the new civic! ^^ After that we had KFC at Ampang Point.

Then we went to the Fish Spa at Merchant Square for a full body spa. Omg, it was so ticklish! You gotta get used to the fishes, and be numb to it before proceeding to put ur whole body in the pool! But it was a good feeling, the little fishies were nibbling on my whole body xD It was on promotion now, RM60 per person including food. Which I think is quite reasonable.

Then at night, we brought Armin (My little brother) to Mei Keng Fatt Seafood. We had the meehun & 1 kilo crab (Dried Chilli), Sizzling Prawns, Bamboo Lala (Dried Chilli), Rice and Drinks. Yumm yumm! For the three of us, the bill totalled to RM126.00. Coolies! =D We went back to the car, with our tummies filled with seafood. All three perut buncit..! Ohh, what a good meal!

So now, I'm home. Playing Perfect World for awhile. Might be heading to bed soon. Poor armin, sleeping alone in the room! xD Ok then, toodles!

xoxo. <3

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