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What A Thing To Start A Day
Friday, May 23, 2008

After switching of my laptop, I was planning on hitting the bed. Mimi was still on her laptop, giggling and laughing on the korean series "Little Bride / Sweet 18". With that high pitch, screeching voice of hers, as if I cud sleep! I ended up sleeping at maybe close to 6 a.m. And the next thing I know, Mimi was being a bitch, disturbing my precious sleep to force me to pray our Subuh prayers. I mean, what the hell? I was soo sleepy I cudn't be bothered to get up. And she was being a double-bitch by involving my parents to force me. Well fuck her. In the end, my mum managed to annoy the hell out of me to wake up. I stomped out of the room, ignoring everything.

Why is my sister such a pain in the ass? Why can't I have a sister that I can share secrets with, giggle at all the romantic stuff that happened to me? Well, she used to be one. Now, sometimes I feel that I don't even know her after her drastic, extreme change. I don't share my life with her anymore, we don't share secrets, we don't compromise to naughty things like we used to back in the younger days. Easier said, I lost a friend.

Life is not easy when you're in my place. You don't have much friends when your locked up at home, and only given freedom once week. I yearn for the day when I can finally have the freedom to enjoy my life. My teenage life. I'm 19, and when I grow older, if people were to ask me how I enjoyed my teenage years, thruthfully, I did not have any.

I envy those with lovely, fun friends. They share everything together. They go out having fun in a girl's day out. They have sleepovers. They comfort each other when things go bad. Give hugs and kisses even at unnecessary times. Sigh.

At least I have a person, that I can also call a friend. The love of my life, Al Faizal. I love u so much.. Thank you for being there for me the time I need u most. You bring light to my dark and gloomy life. I love you eternally. <3


P.S: I added a new Blog Title picture up there. Designed it yesterday-Whoohoo! Planning on changing them often when my creative mood comes ;D

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