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Monday, June 2, 2008

Ahh. Ok, so I've finished the Korean drama "Couple Or Trouble?" Well, the ending was kinda predicted =] You know, like most korean series, it's about a love triangle. But one thing always, the actors are always adoooorraabbbleee! lol, Jang Cheol-Su, saranghe! <33>"Juno" xD yeahhh. lol. It's awesome! I bought DVDs with Al =] Juno, The Hotting & The Nottie and Kung Fu Dunk- Although the outing turned out sour towards the end. With fights and all, cuz we were kinda running late. =X I do hope things will be fine tomorrow! =S

Ohh, and I might be getting married tomorrow! No silly, in Perfect World. =3 Decided tomorrow cuz its the 2nd June 2008. So it's like 2/6. 26. Rather than waiting a whole month! xD 100 cubi gold whoooottt.. which is equavilent to RM100. =O Ahhhh... the sacrifice xD

xoxo. <3

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