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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Argghh. Isn't it just cruel of UiTM for not letting us go back? I mean, helloooo, not being able to go back for 3-4 weeks straight is just INSANE & CRUEL!

Let's see, last week we couldn't go back cause we had to attend this Sociology & Psychology talk which carries 5% for our attendance. This week, we have PPKP. Next week we have Annual General Meeting for Komed. I won't be attending it if not for the dean's list awards they're giving out! What the shyiet ryt. But i HAVE to go back to fix my camera =[ My DSLR turns out to be a bad bad boy =( Battery/Charger giving problems. Sigh. So i have to go back to verify the problem. And i hope it'll be ok by then cuz i need to use it for our PhotoKem! =O

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