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My Brand New First DSLR =]
Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yay! I finally got my dslr. I know I have no experience or any knowledge in using one, but there's a thing called learning~ So, the course that I'm taking now requires us to get a dslr. So yes, we have to fork out the money to get one! I was doing some research, and I decided to get a Nikon, as it is known for tis quality. I was torn between the D40, D60 and D80. Ok, so maybe the D40 is not really in the picture as I feel that it's rather too basic. So D60 and D80. Hmm. D80 is much much more expensive, has more functions and features. And is semi-pro. D60 on the other hand, is a camera that I think might be good for first time users. I did some survey on the net. Some say get the D60, some say the D80. I posted a question on Yahoo! Answer. Most replied D40 for first timers. And I managed to get hold of one person, and he told me to get the D80, if I can afford it. So, i was thinking long-term wise, who knows, maybe I wanna take photography as my part-time job? =]

So tadaa, i got myself a Nikon D80 and spent RM3530 for it. Comes with the kit,

  • Nikon D80
  • Nikkor 18-135mm Lens
  • Hoya Lens filter (UV coated)
  • 4GB TOSHIBA SD card
  • Original Nikon Bag
  • Tripod

I think that was a good buy ;D As in, not too expensive. Although I do feel guilty for having my parents pay so much for it, but sigh. Oh well, I better make good use of it! I'm going through the manuals and videos on how to use one. Lets hope I'll master it one day! ;D

P.S: I'm driving down to Melaka tomorrow for registeration and to bring my stuff back. Sigh =[


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