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All Worked Out =]
Saturday, August 9, 2008

Went out with me baby boo =]

Thx for helping me run my errands, love! <33

So, i mentioned before that my DSLR camera was being a coconut. The battery's giving problem-as in, even after I fully charge it and keep it, the next day the battery will go back to being empty. You effin' battery! Imma send u back home. Grr.

So guess what, after finding the shop i bought from in Ampang Park (Yes, I am HORRIBLE at directions & memory!), the salesperson told me that they have to send it back to Nikon-which would take a month. Damn WTF right! But they say if I were to go straight to the Nikon Centre, it can be done in a day. I was all happy and all- till he told us they don't open on weekends. Ohh fuck.

Argh. & I need it for my photokem this week. & all these stress is coming from a bloody small Li-ion battery. So yes, I was all moody and worried after that. I mean, who wouldn't be kan? Geram taw! Sorry bubu for letting it out on u =( What made it worst was I couldn't find my bus ticket I bought for next week. Eeeee. But I managed to find it in another compartment in my wallet!~ Y(^o^)Y

I came out with a flu after eating. And it lasted throughout the whole day. I hate flus. They make u have headaches from all the shaking-when-sneezing!

I went to Low Yat after that to reformat my laptop at TechAsia (Top Floor) *ahemn, using a sparkling new laptop now*. For free =] Thx Ken! ^^ He's so nice =D He sold me RAMs for staff price before. Thx to Al too =] for his amazing talking skills! [You're the bestest bubulu! Saaaaayang u!] and also the fact that we always go to him since the laptop was giving so much problem! I hope those darn blue screens won't pop up anymore! It's hell annoying and can also give me a heart attack. For popping up so suddenly. All works gone. Bahhhh. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim! && then, I got this amazing news where Yan (Al's friend) is able to lend me his battery since he's using a D80 as well ;D He's a photographer. Yay!~ \(^o^)/

So now I'm in my room installing whatever necessary: Kaspersky Internet Security that we bought =D and of course, Windows Live Messenger. Next comes those datas i backed up =] Hope they dont come corrupting my laptop. Nyarr.

I'm going back to Melaka tomorrow, noooooooo =( =( They'll be having the Annual General Meeting tomorrow night at the Dewan Bendahara. Dean's List award too. That's the only reason why I'm dragging myself to go. But I heard that they're cancelling it too.Wth. Irresponsible! I feel so unappreciated =( Lets pack those kebayas and make-ups-Nyumm!

Well, my flu's still here even though i've taken two panadol cold pills. Hope it goes away soon. Cuz I'm tired from all those sneezing. Yes, having flus makes you tired. Sigh.

Will write to u again when I have the time =] Toorah! ;D

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