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Annual General Meeting =]
Sunday, August 10, 2008

So yes. Went home early for the AGM. && guess what, no Dean's List award. Sigh. Oh well. I don't think I can secure a DL for this sem. I mean, seriously it's tough!

The dress code was ethnicity. Theme was white and green. But seriously, there wasn't any green or white in the hall lol. There were no tables. Just those typical white plastic chairs. So-not-grand. Alot of plastic chairs to fit the whole of Part 1-5 Mass Comm students. And guess what was fed to us? KFC. Yes, you heard me, KFC. We're in these lovely kebayas with graceful heels and make ups to match with. And there we are, sitting on a chair with no tables, eating KFC. Aye.

They had these boards outside with this red carpet "ala Grammy Awards" You know those boards with names all over it. Well, erm. Its just basically white cheap paper. with cut-out "Komed!" pasted on it. Oh well, here's some pictures we took!. Couldn't help but conquering the limelight. haha.

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