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Boredom! =O
Sunday, August 3, 2008

Omg. I can't believe i've survived two bloody weeks here. It's SUPER boring!

And i don't know why, but I can't seem to understand any of my subjects. It goes into my right ear, and out to my left. Oh crap. Perhaps I don't have a book to learn with? But then again, sigh. Concentrate syasya! =X

Ohh, and i forgot to mention how i made a fool out of myself yesterday during PPKP. Believe it or not, the supposingly "strong" Alisya cried. Unbelievable. Just when I was about to talk about what people don't know about me, I felt my heart starting to burst.

Hang in there syasya, not now please..

The next thing i know, tears were filling up my eyes. And I felt the pain in my heart. I can't believe i just cried. I mean, when have i ever cried infront of the whole class? Arghh! *Jumps into a big hole* Shh.

Let's just pretend it never happened. And let the sadness remain inside me.


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