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Home Sweet Home!
Friday, August 29, 2008

Yay, I'm home ;) Well, a break that's not really a break. basically I'll be busy throughout the whole time =(

So today I started the day with a PR interview. Great kan? I was supposed to wait for Anis at the Setiawangsa LRT station cuz my driver is sending us to Wisma Central and i SPECIFICALLY mentioned in the text message I sent to both of them, Shishi & Anis, to meet me at SETIAWANGSA LRT at 12.0opm SHARP.

And guess what la, I sampai the station and waited for Anis. Then I called her up as it was alredy 12, and asked her where she was. She told me she's in the LRT. Will be reaching in 10-15 mins. Ok, Fine laaa. Lambat shket pown xpe la. Then I received a text message from Anis saying, "sya, titiwangsa kan?". I was holding the phone. Just staring at those words. And I swear.. I felt like ripping the phone apart and feed it to my car!! I replied her, "setiawangsa la". So I called her, she said no station with that name . =.= wtf. I asked her where she was, she said she was still in Cheras. Great la kan. My driver has to go for his Friday prayers. So I'm like Anis. Just go to KLCC.

So ok, I reached Wisman Central, waited for both of them. Standing infront of the bus stop, in heels. For quite some time. Then they appeared. =] So yes, we went in and searched for the place.

I swear, everyone's first impression would be, oh my god. what kind of place is this to have an office here? Seriously. It was like Sungei Wang! Or Ampang Park! Cam, xde class gile! and Shishi had the same thought in mind and was looking at me and said " Ni da macam Sungei Wang da sya." I'm im like, omgg wtffff i knoowww =O

Ohh well. Live with it la kan. So we had to go to the 7th floor. We were looking at the board where they write all the offices and stores in the building. Ok, so then we were looking at the map. And saw the numbers of shops at the ground floor we were at. And the guard a.k.a receptionist were like, cari ape? I was like, Eric Pringles Associates. 7th Floor. And he replied, " mmg kalau cari dlm tue takkan dpt." Helllooooo. Do I look like a retard? So he showed us towards the lift. Ok, thank you =)

I swear, the lift is so freaky! Its like, a lift that can cut u in two. The doors doesn't respond to things blocking the door. It just closes ikut suka hati dye je. And me and shishi had this omfg scared look on our faces. The space in the lift da la kecik. And so many people went in at once. and I'm like there, scared shit hell, was thinking wtf is the capacity limit for this lift?? But ok, thank got we got there safely =] Hoorahh!

When the lift door open, it was like a whole new world =) It's like this professional area. Its like outside the building in open air. And it was pretty =] with alot of offices up there. So we were like, ok found it, lets go makan makan! =D

We went to the Nasi Kandar Pelita nearby, I swear, PACKED gile babi. Cari tmpt pon susah ok! cuz that time was lunch hours. And Friday prayers. So nampak muka-muka yg tak sembahyang! ahemn shishi. So we ordered and ate. Then when we were just about to leave, this one dude, was alredy walking towards our table. And I was like ohh shit. He came up to me and had the AUDACITY to ask whether he could take a freaking picture of me. And i'm like, noo. sorry. And he's like calling me Along wtf? Begging, alaa, satu gambar je. Pls pls. He said I look like his anak buah yg umur 4 tahun. He wants to show the dad. Wtf gie mampos laaaa! I was like sorry its ok. nvm. Anis asked him, abg ade gamba anak buah abg tak? And he's like takde la, ade dlm phone satu lagi. Gie mamposssss second time laaaaaaaa!!! Wtf he dint wanna leave. And said, wow, muka mahal. Shishi was like, dye taknak tue, taknak laa bang. And I was alredy packing my stuff, saying lets leave. And he was still asking, offering to pay for my food. I just ignored and walked away. Oh my god the nerve of some people.

Then we went to EPA and prepared ourself for the interview. She is NOTHING like the picture in the website! We thought she was this nice, motherly figure lady. Buttt noooooo. She turned out to be this rockin', full-ear-piercings-on-both-ears lady!

This is her picture from the company's website:

Sunita Kanapathy

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