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Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy 51st Birthday Malaysia!

Although I know the citizens doesn't seem to have the patriotic spirits anymore. =S

I barely see any flags around. Come to think of it, i didn't even see any. Eeek.

Ohh well. At least I had my fair share of fun this merdeka! Yay! I celebrated with Al, Mimi, Nik & Daniel. Together with Farnaz [ perky darling! ] and her boyfriend, Alan. Hoho. Mimiee!!~ Mimiee!!~

We celebrated at The Curve thinking that there was gonna be fireworks and I could use that for my assignment. So off we left at around 3 or 4 pm.

We bought our movie tickets, Death Race. Nyumm! Then we went down to go meet Kyra with her boyfriend. After that we went to Italianese for lunch and met Daniel for the first time. Finally, met him after all the shrieking stories of happiness from Mimi. You've got my blessings Mimi =] The waiter that served us was called Winter. And he's a guy. Yes, I'm serious, Winter. I've heard of Summer, but winter would be the first. Lol. A veeeerrryyy nice guy and a very efficient waiter. He kept refilling our drinks. & checking up on us. We made friends with him and talked and talked. Hohooo. He's an F&D student from Taylor's doing his practical there. Wheee x)

Ok so then after the movie, we played bowling! ;) *Aim straight Nik Nik!* lol. Met Izzat there whoaa. Goooo study izzat! I was walking towards the toilet when this mamat just walked backwards blocking my way. I was just thinking bout kicking him in the nuts when I suddenly heard "Sya". And I turned back and wtf, AMIN!!! Wth, bumped into so many people suddenly. Haha. Then Farnaz, Alan & Dila came =] Farnaz & Alan are new lovebirds among us, wheee! And they seem to have chemistry ;) Gooooooo perky!

So yes, we countdown-ed together. So many humans. We heard fireworks. But there weren't any in sight. Wtf. Rupa-rupanya it was at the back of the building. Fuck noooooooooo!!!! I was cursing, "Fucking shit, what the fuck, where the fuck is the fucking fireworks!" when I saw this guys walking past me looking at me. And i looked back at him and wtf, its Hafidz's friend. HAHAHAHA. Ooopz. I just smiled. Oh well, at least I got one ugly cacing-like picture of the fireworks cuz I wasnt using tripod. Hahaha. && they were playing with those spray foams, and I was protecting and guarding my camera with my life! Here are the pictures! =D

Then after that we headed to Rasta's at TTDI to hang out, have a drink && shisha.

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