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Olympics! 08/08/08
Friday, August 8, 2008

Hoho. Finally I'm home after two weeks of being stuck in a shit-hole! Hot shower baby!

Beijing Olympics 08.08.08. Bahhhh, baby, let's get married!

Was watching the Opening of Olympics on TV just nw. Started on 8.08 pm. Wow, can't it get any eight-er?

I think their performance was awesome! I mean, well coordinated. With all the paintings and standing up-&-downs, the flying, the drumming, the everything, the lights, the fireworks, etc.
(and the hot athletes!)

I wonder how long it took them to practice all those moves and stuff. Wow. & their budget! =O It's no wonder Malaysia can never host an olympic! They must've spent millions and MILLIONS on them. Just the costumes would be thousands or prolly millions! Plus the fireworks =O

But then again, China is trying to make themselves the best host for the Olympics. For pride =] & Hell yeah it's working!

But after a while the show kinda got monotonous. You know, too much of the chinese culture. Draggy. So yes, walked about in the house. In search of food. DAMN. I gotta stop eating. I swear I've been gaining those pounds like nobody's business! I'm actually reaching 54 kg. Wth right. I used to be 50kg during the sem break! Gotta cut down on food. No. I can't do that. I'll starve!

Ohhh. Off topic, off topic! Now where was I? Ahh yes. So after the performances, they had the parade in which each country will walk around the stadium. I saw the few frst, including Malaysia. and then it got boring.

As Kavin said "random people walking? oh joy".

Haha. So ok, switched the channel to AXN and Anger Management was on! I feel pretty~ Oh so pretty~ So i watched it till the end and decided to continue watching the olympics.

and guess what. They're still WALKING. Holy crap.

Anyways, I finally realize that I still have the webpage I made and designed a few years back. yay! Back to being active in redesigning them then! Here's the link:


It's got musics, backgrounds, (Hey I'm still working on it!) Go ahead and take a look!

xoxo. <3

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