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PPKP: Bonga-Bonga!!
Saturday, August 2, 2008

PPKP. Wow, 8.30 a.m - 5.30 p.m. Insane. Haha. So our facilitator for this semester's module is Madam Siti Hajar Abdul Aziz. A pregnant lady due to give birth in two weeks time. Oh thank GOD there wasn't any scene on labor. Imagine if it happened =O

Well first of all, we were divided into four groups consisting of 7 people. So the usual head count from 1-4. My groupmates are: Jay, Ajim, Shishi, Manap, Hajar, Nik Syahirah and I.

For the first session, we had to come up with a country name, justify it, create a flag, and come up with an "ikrar" and a song for the country. Suddenly the group came out with these crazy ideas about Bonga-Bonga, flowers, ikan masin la and what not. Too bad i don't have a copy of our work to post it here. =( I didn't know we had so much talent and creativity! =D

I remember the Ikrar beginning with:
"Kami, bonga-bongadesh.."

and we had to read it like:
"Kimi, bingi-bingidish.."

LOL. It was hilarious xD

2nd part of the module was kinda time-wasting and boring. We had to come up with a fun-raising event. Basically plan it and write down the Minit Mesyuarat. Budget, place, objectives, etc. *Yawns*

So Nik's class finished at 3.45. and She waited for me all the way till 5.30 outside with Haris, *auwwww, hugs nik nik!*

Oh well, of course there were debates going out in class, but hey, they're worthless words =] In the end, we just ended it by putting everything behind us and bermaaf-maafan. Hoho! Oh well, will write tomorrow then, Toorah!~


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