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Thank you Nikon! Thank u baby Al Faizal! Thank you afiq!
Thursday, August 21, 2008

I got my new battery, yeaaahhh! Went to Nikon centre at Wisma PKNS in PJ yesterday. They replaced my batt with a brand new one! Yeeeehaw!~ Al took leave from work just to teman me =] thank u love! He knows I'm scared to go alone, so he actually took leave for me! Auww. Hope it won't start causing problems! Now now battery, whose the good battery? Whose the good battery? You are! Yeshhhh u areeeee ;D ;D

Then after that when I got back, I went out for dinner with afiq and his friend, Adib, also a Victorian guy I just met. We accompanied him to near Atria in PJ cuz he wanted to take up Capoera. Afiq? Capoera? = Big "X". Alaaa, macam yang kite cite smalam. Orang snatch ur gf's bag, u baru angkat tgn nk nari. HAHAHAH!! Its at this place called Bantus, with instructors named Quek and Ngeow. Mr. Duck and Mr. Kitty. LOL!! Then after that I'm supposed to go watch Al play futsal, but we got lost (really really lost) altho I've bn to Atria loads of times, but u knw how bad my sense of direction is. xD So in the end we didnt have time and had dinner after that. Al joined us after. And guess what?

I witnessed a SNATCH THEFT!

So freaky. Ok, not exactly "witness" but they were right infront of me eating and I was busy go through my Nasi Goreng Kambing when I suddenly heard a girl screaming. A white scooter just came and snatched her bag. Ohh my, poor girl! I saw a guy alredy redy to throw a chair. Scary. that teaches me to be more careful =D Will write to u soon. Taaa!

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