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Exam Fever. =O
Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We had exams last weekend. Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Graphics, Public Relations, Psychology.

I burnt the midnight oil for all three nights camping on the bedroom floor and I swear, I felt like a walking zombie at the end of the day. It was insaannneee. Sleeping at 3 in the morning and having to wake up for Sahur, then sleep and wake up at 7.30 a.m. Pure cruelty.

I was so tired, until my alter ego actually took over me while I was sleeping. This is what happened:

Nik: Syaaaa, bangun sahur.
Me: *Not moving an inch*
Nik: Syaaa...
Nik: *Takpelah, tunggu alarm syasya bunyi*
*After a few minutes*
Nik: Syaaaaa, bangun sya..
Me: *woke up and looked at her* What?
Nik: You nak sahur ke tak?
Me: Can't u see I'm sleeping right now?? (With a face full of attitude)
Nik: ... Ok, tidur tidur..

& I did not realize this happened until she told me while we were showering in the morning. I laughed so hard and was so shocked at how my alter ego took over me xD But for the record, I'm sooo sorry Nik! xD xD

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