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I am missing my bulu =(
Monday, September 29, 2008

I know I just saw him a few hours ago. But i do miss him so dearly alredy!

Thank u love for going through all the embarrassment with me to do my shots. LOL!

Let's do those agaiiiinnnn!! ;D ;D ;D

Ohh. Btw, Yan (The person whom I borrowed the battery for photocamp from hehe!) organized a buka puasa at.. ohh-crap-I-forgot-the-restauran'ts-name two days ago. It was at The Curve. They planned to drive up to Genting after that. I cudn't make it. && in the end they had to cancel it anyways since it was raining. I'm alredy missing the Spaghetti Carbonara. Nyummm. Althought I just realized i had Fettuccini Carbonara with Al just nw alredy =O Eeeekk! Pasta Freaks! =X

Here's a pic we managed to take on that day hahahaha

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