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Interview Yang Menyakitkan Hati. =@
Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today we had our Journalism Interview with Sinar Harian. Jefri Razali, the journalist that we were supposed to interview set a time at 2pm that day. So okayyhh, we rented a car and left at 12 pm sharp [in case we get lost, and to find the place ;)] We reached them at 1 something. Iz called Jefri up, and this is how it goes:

Iz: Hello, haa, Encik Jefri, saya dari UiTM. Kita dah sampai.
Jefri: Saya tau, tapi sekarang saya xde, masih kat luar lagi nie. Pukul 3.30 baru saya ada.
Iz: Ohhh, ok ok takpe.


So ok... find wtf. Had to think of something to do within that 2 hours. So ok, we went to Melaka Mall. Planned on watching a movie. But the movies all might make us late for the interview. So we went Karaoke-ing at the karoake jamban. HAHA. Anis nyanyi lagu raya, Iz nyanyi lagu M.Nasir? Ara nyanyi lagu i lupe. I nyanyi lagu Kris Dayanti. HAHA, wtf I sang a malay song xD Then we Ara and I sang "Pretty Boy" by M2M. Then after that tgh nak pilih lagu, tgk tgk Ara must've tertekan enter, then lagu "Strong" by LeAnn Rimes popped out. None of us new the song. So wtf, we just sang to our own melody. Gilee laaa~ ;D ;D Our version actually sounded nice ;) ;) Tapie the real version agak lain laaa. Huahuahua!

Then we played at the Arcade. The one yang like hockey using the thing with the hands. I won Ara, 4-1 or was it 5-1. Yaaaayyy! Went shopping but dint buy anything. Anis was torn between shoe with different colours. The white one was pretty and she liked it, but it was one size bigger. The black one according to ehr looks old, but the perfect fit. We were there helping anis and waiting for her to decide for around 10 mins. She ended up not buying both. =S

Then we left for Sinar Harian agaaain. Sampai2, it was already 3.45pm. That Jefri guy still is not there. We waited until 4 something. And he still tak sampai! Gile unethical! Geeez. We had to leave cuz we told the car rental lady that we'll be back by 4. So we just left the questions there and told one of the journalist there, Amran Ali, that we'll come again next week. He can look through the questions and prepare himself frst.

When we were halfway back to UiTM, that Jefry guy called. Said that he's there alredy. wtf. Too late lar. So next week it is. Sigh. Ohh well.

Bought tix to go back to KL. Was on the bus, and they dropped us at Bukit Jalil. =.= If Ara wasn't there, I'd be like a lost sheep. Thank god. Took the star to Plaza Rakyat and met up with Mimi & Al before going to Times Square to buka and watch movie. ;) Black Water or Dark Water or something. Some dumb movie about a croc. =X

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