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Sale!! Wtf, Just 2?
Monday, September 1, 2008

Went out with my bubulicious today and watched Wall-E. *[Waaaaaaalllll-eeeeee]* Shooooo cuuuuteee! The sound he makes is just so adorable =3 Eeeeevvve.-"Eeeevvvvvaaaa."

Then we were walking around and the Padini Outlet was on sale, together with Seed & all. Most of them were 50-70% off. I bought a shirt and a shoe. A SHIRT & A SHOE! Can u believe that? Just two friggin' items when theres a frigging 70% off!! Sigh. Ohh well. I saw a pair of shorts that I reeeeaaallllyyy like. But it was there were only 3 pairs of size 6s left. And it was a wee bit too big for me. So sigh. Bye bye shorts =( I saw lots of nice clothes, but then again. Would I really wear them often? Might as well save. But 70%!!!!!!! Sigh. Ahhhh fuck it. I had to be back in time to buka puasa with my family although I can't puasa as i'm having my period. And had to leave and kiss those yummy clothes and shoes on sale goodbye! Left the store with a shirt and a shoe that costed RM38 for both. My bulu belanja-ed me =] Thx lovie!! Muah Muah! =3

So now, I'm stuck with assignments. BEL 1st draft. God knows how many words am I supposed to write. I'm only at my 409th word. Ohh crap. =X Wish me luck!

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