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"Sweat & Tears"
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hoho. In Graphic class now. I don't know why we bother coming to class when Miss Mai is just reading whatever that's in the notes. I can do that in the room myself =X

Oh well. That's not the reason why I'm posting an entry right now =] It's for the outing we had on Sunday, for our "Sweat & Tears" pictures we have to submit on Friday =S Eeek! Well, after the exam on Sunday, which was Psychology, we headed to town to take some photographs. We, meaning Me, Nik, Sal, Khaira, Puling, Nizam & Iqmal. From Bandar Hilir, to A Famosa, to Pantai Puteri, to the Fun Fair. Overall, the outing was fun. But I didn't really enjoy it. For some reasons.

Anyways, I'll be uploading the pictures soon. Cuz I am NOT plugging in my pendrive in this bloody virus-infected university computer! I'll be home this weekend, on Friday unfortunately. Cuz Madam Sumarni's not able to attend our class on Wednesday, so we have to have a class on Friday. Sigh. Ohhh well. See u soon!

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