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William Fichtner!~ <3 <3
Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finished my 1000 word photo essay! Yay ;)

Watched Kill Bill Vol. 1 & The Longest Yard yesterday. And now, I have this huge crush on William Fichtner! You guys might be thinking I'm weird and prolly disgusting for actually thinking he's hot or something. But omg I just find him so.. sexy! With his deep gray-blue eyes. His nice and well defined nose. His thin lips... Ohhhhhh!!!!~~~

You know.. after looking at him for some time, I realized that he looks a bit like uncle Ali Kadir =S Ok. Bluwweeekk. No, he's hotter!!! Much hotter!! & Younger ;p Yes yes yes!

But no, bubu ur still the hottest in my heart :) :) Muahs!

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