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Happy Anniversary darling! <3
Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy 3 years anniversary sayang =]

We headed to One Utama to celebrate as usual. Al picked me up after I arrived from Malacca ;)

&& there was this HP 'What If We Told You That You Could Have Superpowers?' event they had at the ground floor of OU. So we decided to check it out. The concept was pretty cool, they divided them into rooms- "Mummy's kitchen, Daddy's room, Brother's room, Sister's room".

As we entered "Sister's Room", I smelt nail polish for some reason. But i just ignored it when I looked to my left, I saw this one guy having his nails painted =.= Ooookaaayyyh.

He asked us whether we want one. And he was like teasing Al, "I know you want one....". We just laughed and kept moving. Then Al asked me,

Al: "You know who that is, right?"
Me: Err, nope. Why? You know him?
Al: You know Fly FM? Phat Fabes & Ben?
Me : Mhmmm.
Al : That's Ben.
Me: Ohhh...

He was hosting the event.

This is the picture of Ben's finger I took from his blog *hehe* You can print on your nails using Cyberlink.

So ok lah, they had this guess the amount of price this one 'Living Terrace' room cost. We participated and they gave us this free gift- Compaq paperclips! Here are the pictures of the brochures with the paper clips I put on top of it hehehee!

Then after that we continued walking and shopping then we came back to the HP place for fun cuz we got nothing to do.

When suddenly I saw Ben coming towards us with a microphone. Oh shyiet.

Ben: Hello again!
Us: Ahhh, hello :)
Ben: I've seen you before, I think I know you.
Al: Haha, well, we know you :)
Ben: So I see you've been here for quite some time. What do you think?
Al: It's very high tech.
Ben: Ohhh, is this beautiful girl your girlfriend?
Me: *smiles*
Ben: Oh wow, she's hot!
Me: *smiles & turns beetroot red*
Ben: You know you're hot right?
Me: Ohhhh, hahaha *giggles*
Ben: Ohhh, I love to see girl's blush~

Then he showed us around, explaining all the gadgets and all. Including this HP Touchsmart PC. Then he was showing us the webcams and all. And he asked me to stand infront of the webcam, and pretend I'm leaving a message for Al.

So ok la, wtf. I stood there, and he pressed record. And I was like:

Me: Hey youu, Alisya here.
Ben: Of course he knows its you, it's supposed to be for him and from you~
Me: Ooooopz.
Ben: Ok, lets do it again~
Me: Hey baby~ I just wanna wish you Happy three years anniversary :)
Ben: OMG it's your anniversary???
Me: Yupp!
Ben: Ohhh wow, that's awesome! So how long have you been together?
Me: Three years :)
Ben: Wow. So when are u getting married?
Al: Ohh, well, that's up to her to decide :)
Me: *Smiles*

Then he asked me to record again. Jeez, he made me make a fool out of myself. I looked scared shyiet, with my face so numb from smiling all the time and blushing. Ahhhh, oh well. Then he asked me to leave my email, so that they can send the vid to me =S

Then, we didnt know what to do, didnt wanna watch a movie. So we went to Merchant Square- Sampuoton Fish Spa.

Had a full body fish spa and a full body massage. Ahhh, I love being pampered ;D ;D

Muahs! Love you bulu! I've had an amazing three years with you :) And I hope there will be many more years to come!


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