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Back Seat Is Always The Best Spot - For Everything ;p
Wednesday, November 26, 2008

After going out for the fashion show, at night, we hung out with Haiqal & Abaq at Rasta. Al & Dan came to join us too ;)

At the moment my mouth tgh sakit macam pantat. Yeah, like the mang-ass-teen down there. I think its an ulcer at the back of my gum at the molar area on my left jaw. Its so painful! I can't open my mouth - the max I can open is the width of two fingers. Swallowing anything including my own saliva is a pain. Chewing lagi la. && when I eat, I have to stuff in the food inside my mouth, sumbat them all in like stuffing in fillings inside a whole turkey for thanksgiving. Sigh. Macam org retarded. Oh well, I went to the doctor and he gave me loooaads of medicine. =[

As I was saying - haha - we were hanging out at Rasta. Abaq ordered this one squid ball or something. && when his food came, masya-Allah, chikonet gila the squid balls. Like four pieces of a quarter fishballs in Yong Tou Foo sauce which costed him RM1 for that. He went so gila, and knowing him, mulut dyeee... Mmmpph! Maki-maki haha. && the waitress almost got a heart attack according to her.

On the way back, (Haiqal drove), we saw a Toyota Rav4. with the same colour and everything like our car parked there at Rasta. We pannicked and mimi saw the number plate and she went berserk! She was like, OMG OMG OMG! Its a WJW 383!!! With a "P" sticker. Ohhh shyiiiieeeett!!

All of my cars' number plate are 383's. All of them except the Peugeot which is a 870 since it was my late granpa's. So she panic-ly called Al and was screaming in panic. Al & Dan went to check and it turns out it was a WJW 38. Without the 3. Phewww. I've seen that car parked beside my Rav4 in Ampang Point before. Our exact twin ;)

Inside the car, me and abaq cam-whore like crazy. Doing all sorts of poses sampai kaki-kaki suma was outside the window =X SO only both of us got some actions. Back seats are the best! For everything >=]

Here are some of the few pictures! ;p

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