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I'm now a Nippon girl =[
Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just got back from a haircut. My mom decided to go try out a different saloon instead of our normal D'Keith Saloon at Flamingo Hotel.

I thought twice about going since changing hairdressers is like, wtf-scary! I really need a haircut. My fringe can already be pulled back behind my ear!

I was scared shit in case anything happens. I mean, the new person won't know my normal style. =O

So i just thought, heck what the hell. It was at this saloon in Great Eastern Mall. Apparently my mum knows the person there.

And this is how I look like now:

I told her how I wanted, the usual. But I guess she got too caught up and engrossed in cutting my fringe that she wanted to make it into bangs. So oh well, I just kept quite.

My mum likes it. Loves it. She says I look like Amber Chia wtf =.= Age really does affect your vision. Haha.

Mummy got a hair cut too, and hers looked stunning so young and vogue!

So let's wait till my hair grows longer! Chalo~

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