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Islamic Fashion Festival 2008
Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I attended a Fashion Show yesterday - The Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF), a charity morning coffee event.

Date : 25th Nov 08
Venue : JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur
Details : Islamic Fashion Festival (VI)

"Discover the Beauty of Modesty"

They were modelling collections from various Malaysian & Indonesian designers.

The designs are made for Muslim women, covering the aurah. && they were spectacular! The designs were beautiful!

I stupidly did not bring along my DSLR, neither did i bring my digital camera. So all I had was my very low-batteried K850i phone which eventually died before the event was even over. Ohhh well. I did snap some pictures, but of course, you won't expect beautiful pictures. ;p Probably when the cameramen that was there starts to upload pictures from the event, I might just upload them here. I will search for the picture a cameraman took of me & some friends. Nyarr!

For more pictures and info from past events or future events, visit:

Here are pictures I took:

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