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Monday, November 24, 2008



It's shapped like a butt, with an asshole ;p


For shaping like a butt & a dick. Haha xD

lol. I was happily enjoying eating mangosteens in mummy's room when I found a very unique odd-looking mangosteen. I'm sure they taste yummy! Hahahaha.

Btw, me and my family went to eat a Seoul Garden today in OU ;)

Yummy Yumm! ;)

Then we visited daddy's friend, Scott Gibson at Damansara Specialist hospital who was admitted because he was in an accident. He is a triathlon athlete btw. He was cycling with his wife, when a limo taxi hit them. He was quite badly injured =S He had loadsa scabs on him, his legs was filled with grazes and had to go through a skin graft. He suffered broken ribs and stuff. I forgot. He was basically thrown out of his bike. && I saw pictures of his bikes after that, and wow. He is a lucky man ;) If the taxi were to go any faster, he might be dead. His wife wasn't badly hurt.

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