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Tissue & "Fres Oren"!
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First of all, thanks guys for the wonderful evening ;) ;)

Nov 13, 2008 : Me, Ara, Anbreen, Sue, Bihah, Hany, Ili, Adlynn.

We left at around 7.30pm with two cars - mine & Hany's.

Mataku rabun, so I had to wear glasses while I was driving. Glasses = No pictures for me! Tapie ade laa sikit2, I dun care! Lol.

We were like some crazy maniacs who just went loose from some psychiatric ward. Sampai je traffic light, pass-pass camera to one other's car, snap pictures, pastu menjerit-jerit macam barbarian. Thank god it's Melaka - you can get away with craziness without people recognizing u! Mwahahahah!~

So our first stop is to go makan! Wanted to head to the "trampoline" they were talking about. We ate at Gazebo ( Tempat yg tak jual air tin lol ) and ordered the 8-person set which costed RM99- quite cheap hor! In the set was two fishes-sweet & sour and steam, some chicken-daging, sayur and two jugs of ice lemon tea. The steam fish's soup sangat sangat shyiok! Me, Ann, Hany & Ara decided to do a stupid act by eating lime. Yes, I know. ;p And we did! Mate masing2 dah berair =D

Megaaaa! Lol.

After dah bayar sume (student price baby!), we were about to leave, when this waiter came up to me and pass me a tissue with a number scribbled on it and told me the guys at this one table asked to pass it to me. Eeee, geli. Haha.

Then we realized there weren't much time, so we just went shisha-ing at Pantai Klebang with the two MMU guys, friends of Ann. And so we ordered:

Adik Klebang: Minum?
Me: Hmmm, Orang Juice ade?
Adik Klebang: Orang Juice takde, Fres Oren ade.
Me: ... Ok bagi Fres Oren satu.

Lol. Ok laaa, fresh orange pon fresh orange la. xD Then there were these bunch of old men, sitting at the table opposite us, who were staring and taking pictures of us. wtf, freaky gile! So I just covered my face, showing my middle finger while I'm at it. =3 We had drinks and shisha- Apple ;) Then time was passing by so fast, we called up the Pak Guard ckp kete Hany rosak. && The Pak Guard pandai psycho lagi tue! "Bukan kete awak ke yang setiap hari masuk lambat?" lol.

Heart all of u =] xoxo.

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