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Weird YouTube-er.
Friday, November 7, 2008

Ok, have you guys heard of Magibon? Or better known as MRirian in YouTube. She's a YouTube-er and has got millions of hits-thousands of subscribers and millions of views. She's from the United States & have people confused whether she's american or japanese.

And you know what she does?



and when she speaks, she speaks Japanese. =.=

Cited from Wikipedia:

"Magibon (マギボン, Magibon? born 9 August 1986, West Palm Beach, Florida,
United States)[1] is an American Japanese-speaking internet personality on the
video-sharing website YouTube. She currently lives in Pennsylvania

By October 2008, Magibon had uploaded over 60 videos onto her YouTube
channel since July 2006. Many of these videos simply entail her looking silently
into the camera. In some of her videos, Magibon speaks or sings in Japanese. As
of October 2008, Magibon leads the YouTube Japan's All time top list. Magibon is
also a member of the Youtube Partner Program.

In Japan, Magibon has been labelled as "the next Leah Dizon". In addition
to appearing on a TBS Radio show in Japan, Magibon has been featured in the
Japanese Weekly Playboy magazine, appearing in the 25 February 2008, 14 April
2008, 12/19 May 2008 and 10 November 2008 issues.

In April 2008, Magibon was invited to be interviewed by the Japanese
Internet TV company GyaO and flown to Japan to make her debut appearance on
internet TV program Midtown TV in which she met her idol, Mari Yaguchi of Hello!
Project. A fan event was scheduled for 12 April by USEN (the owner of
GyaO), but this was cancelled due to security concerns following the receipt of
a number of threatening emails.

In October 2008, Magibon was invited to the 21st Tokyo International
Film Festival, and appeared at the world premiere of the film Blue Symphony in
Roppongi on 22 October 2008. Magibon features as a voice actor in the

Magibon is scheduled to return to Japan in November 2008, appearing at
the "YouTube Live Tokyo" event at Studio Coast in Tokyo on 23 November alongside
other YouTube personalities and musicians such as BoA and Kreva."

I simply don't understand her. AND she's 22! She looks and acts like a 12 year-old. No doubt she's cute and all, but she's just so weird.

Here's a few examples of her videos:

What did I tell ya?

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