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Yucky Diet
Monday, November 24, 2008

I just finished a 3-day diet. Supposingly able to lose 3.5kg during that period of time.

&& the diet is so strict that you have to actually measure the food to precision!

For example, on the 2nd day diet, for dinner we had:

4 oz. Brocolli
2 oz. Carrots
2 Chicken Frankfurters
Half a medium sized banada
4 oz. Vanilla Ice Cream

I remember the frst day and third day dinner involved me eating beetroots. Which is like FUCKING disgusting. I swear.

I'm an anti-veggie and I've been forced to eat veggie for that three days. Holy.

&& the food we eat, cannot be fried or anything. Can only be steamed or boiled.

For seasoning, only salt & pepper.

And only plain water is allowed.

=.= You tell me!

I remember we went to KLCC the other day with Mimi, Mummy & Armin.

Armin wanted to eat at the foodcourt at RASA, so ok laaa. I'm sure we have enough willpower to survive watching xD

He ate the sizzling noodle. =O =O Me & Mimi were practically SALIVATING and forcing him to finish every single gravy on the plate! It was pure torture! && Mummy was already laughing hysterically =(

&& we went to watch a movie. Planned on watching Storm Rider cuz I remembered it when I was really young and it was so so cool! Aaron Kwok ar acting in it? So ok laa, bought 4 tix & went in.. Movie started, and it turned out it was a frigging ANIME. We were 'omg, wtf'. Hoping that it was just the intro. But no, our hopes were crushed when it turned out to be a cartoon movie after all. Oh well, we all just had a good laugh xD xD

Then before heading bed we bought some Haagen-Daz ice-cream cake, cookies & cream! But we werent able to eat it until our diet was over, how saddddd.

Time I diet laaaaaa, thats the time when my maid had to cook all the declicious favorite food, thats the time when my refridgerator upstairs is stocked up with all the friggin' chocolates in the world!!!! && Thats the time I attended a BARBECUE party that I COULDN'T EAT!! && the cake looks so fucking delicious okaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!! =( =(

Happy Birthday Farra btw ;D ;D You know have now obtained the Golden Key! =D

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