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Celebrating My 19th in Genting ;)
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I knw I took daym farking long to write this post. I've been really lazy for the past few weeks.

Holiday season's already getting to me. Tapi we have to go back soon =( uh-oh.

Well, I went to Genting Highlands together with Al, Mimi & Danial.

It was funnn ;) ;) [ Minus the fight I had with Al. Sorry love ;( ]

Al didn't get on most of the rides due to his, fear ? So basically I was alone in some rides. Pfft. Obviously Mimi ngan Danial kan? Tapie ok laa, most of the rides we rode boleh muat 3 org haha.

Upon reaching, I was shocked by the fact that it was REALLY cold there. I know its supposed to be cold la doink, I just thought, u knw, with the global warming & all, it won't be that cold. But I was wrong T__T

I like blowing in the air, making it look like those little smoke that comes out of ur mouth. I find it so amusing - Makes me feel like I'm in some korean drama HAHAHA. x)

The ride of the day was definitely the "Space Shot". It was previously known as "Solero Shot". I was on that ride with Danial only. Mimi had this ear infection so she cudn't ride crazy rides -_- Boohoo, party pooper.

Before riding the Space Shot
Just got on the Space Shot - See that look of fear on my face??
A little view of the Space Shot tower on the right.
Picture was taken to illustrate the cloud's silver lining ;) Beautiful ain't it?
After getting off the Space Shot - Expression of relief! =3 Yayyy!

From down under waiting in line, agak takot laa tgk the height. It was really high. But when we were on it & it was us that's up there.... BAPAK PANTAT TINGGI LA KAN! T_T It was waayyyy higher than it looks! You're like basically in between clouds since its all misty there. I was cursing & screaming on all the way ( You taw la I canner when I'm scared ). "Fuck fuck fuck fuck!!!".

Basically the ride has four sides- 3 people on each side. I managed to get the spot I wanted. Facing the front, in the middle. Teehee. Cuz facing the back wud be even more ridiculously scary due to the fact that it was facing a slope-which will make it seem even higher (Trust me, i've been on that side). Once ur strapped in and ready to go, they will shoot u up slowly till the highest end of the tiang. They will keep u stagnant up there for around 8-10 secs (I didn't bother counting my 'doom time when I'm up there'). & without warning, *boom* they'll just drop u down. It was like free-falling from a 10-storey building. =.= My butt was practically LIFTED up my seat. Even typing these out gives me goosebumps. Brrrrrr.

We ate at Kenny Rogers, so expensive up there T_T & our waitress kinda looks like a female version of William Hung. *she bangs she bangsss~ ohhh baby~* Tak baik laa woi.

I'll stop story-ing nw. Pictures pictures! They tell a thousand words ;)

Thank you for makin' it happen ;) I suddenly miss the sweet potato there =[


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