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December Babies ;)
Thursday, December 25, 2008


Me & Jess Min Destroyed "7 Things". xD

Today we had a celebration for all the December babiesss in our family!

Actually all my female cousins in my chinese side are born in December, including Jess Min who was born on the exact same date as me, except for a year after x) The other twins are also born in December! 23rd I think.

So hoooraahhh! ;) We had Dominos Pizza (pepperoni, aloha chicken etc.), spaghetti, mee hoon, some kind of fish, Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence, & I forgot what else.

Obviously, whats a celebration without games. Especially with Aunty Jenny around x) Haha. We played games such as Drawing Charade ( I can't belive our group was named Cicak Man. wtf wtf T_T ), Musical Chair, & of course, not forgetting our DEAL OR NO DEAL - Foong family style! It was hilarious laaa. Pictures ;p

Original Deal Or No Deal Game

Le Foong Family Style ;p

The "cases" varies from RM0.05 - RM100. xD

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