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Triple Date <3
Monday, December 8, 2008

Went out on a Triple Date together with Farnaz & Alan, Mimi & Dan on the 5th. Too lazy to write a post till today haha. Ate at TGIF, had desserts at Gelato, hung out till our Twilight movie which was at 12.30 midnight. It was my first time watching it (finally) cuz we had to sacrifice our patience since Farnaz wants to watch it with us. So yeah, fuck it. What's wrong with a few days of waiting haha.

The movie was ridiculously awful. Bad acting, low budget & missing scenes from the book. Even when I watched the starting, I was like.. Whaaaa?? Edward, instead of being cold and having an angry look when being around Bella the first few times in school, he looks liked a mentally retarded hunk. Pfft.

& Eric? an Asian?? Fuck. Mike's casting was ok. Jacob was an ugly ass. (Whoopz xD) Ohhh, Carlisle was definitely a FILF. Yummm~ ;) Edward's house was beautiful! But whats with all the jumping on trees? They run fast, but they don't climb trees in the book. && fuck what really cracked me up was when Bella was on his back, and out of nowhere, he said, "You better hold on tight, Spider Monkey". AHAHAHAHAH.

Overall, I'm rather dissapointed with the movie. It lacks good plots. It's practically like jumping from one scene to another. & they dint show the fucking kissing scenes. WTF. I watched it in YouTube after that and fuck, if they were to had shown in the cinema, I prolly wudn't be that much dissapointed with the movie. I'm surprised Al think the movie was good. But actually, the book itself izn't exactly THE book as well. I find the book rather, draggy? A book that thick, only the few end pages are the climax. I'm just in love with Edward ;)

Pictures, pictures! More on my Facebook album titled: Triple Date.

Miss u alredy Perky! :-*

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