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7 Years of Bad Luck
Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello there. Bahahaha. I know I dah lama x update. Gaahhh, busy with assignments. =[ Back in uni, and the frst week week only we alredy have to finish up a 50-paged assignment within a week =(( Sleepless nights of staying up doing assignments- sedeyh kan?

Ohh well, I broke a mirror the other day. Sandar sikit pecah. That explains the title =[ 7 years itu sangat2 lama. Ok ok, I don't wanna be all superstitioussssss. But, but... :(

Anyways, I'm at a futsal sports centre at the moment. Watching my bulu play futsal! & he just scored two goals while I'm typing this haha. Gooooo bulu!~

Till then, xoxo ;)

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