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Gong Hei Fatt Choi!
Monday, January 26, 2009

I know I deserve some spankin' for not updating. Lol. I was born lazy.

Anyways anways, Happy Chinese New Year! && Happy Birthday Abah ;) && Happy Anniversary Bulu! ;D ;D

What an important day today is ;)

I even went to the gym today and swam. Wow. I have to jot this down in my calendar. Historical.

My status in the UiTM website still not updated. Stated there I haven't paid my yuran yet padahal I alredy paid on the 23rd. Faster laaa, I damn worried la.

You know the other day I was so worried, I dunow how I suddenly in the middle of the night, ter-ingat Yuran, I asked Nik whether she pai edi onot. She said durrrhhh. & I was like OH MY FUCK i havent paid yet. I damn forgetful weeeiii. So I kelam-kabut pannicly called my mum & dad up (it was 2 in the morning). My dad actually woke up for me & went all the way to Bank Islam. (I love u abah ;]) He tried the Cash Deposit machine but cannot. So he banked in RM600 to nik's account incase.

My heart felt so heavy that at 2++ in the morning, Nik & I actually walked all the way to the ATM machine near the guard post in our uni. We tried to pay, but "Urusniaga Dibatalkan" kept popping out. Daddy tried too, but same thing. I alredy started crying. The Pak Guard said usually they dont allow transactions of bills and all after midnight. So sigh. He even offered us to check on9. & its stated int he website pay b4 3rd Februari. & They started laughing at me.

See, I'm feeling all stressed up alredy now. Gaaahhh, cepat laaa uitm, ringankan the burden in my heart =[ I alredy sent an email to uitm edi ask them to check my status.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. I even bernazar that I wud puasa a day if everything goes well.

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