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I Love Bundles!! <3
Sunday, March 15, 2009

On Friday, I went to this one bundle place. I mcm dah kaki bundle taw tak! The other day I went to PD, pown we stopped by at this one bundle place taglined "Baaaaeeeiikk punyaa!". Eee. But the stuff in there not bad laaa, u have to really look into the piles of clothings. x)

As I was saying, on Friday we went to this bundle place. Rented a car together with Hani, Anbreen, Sue & Lala. Clothes were 4 pieces for RM10. Even better than PD!

Masok masok, we spotted boots & shoes. BOOTS HEAVEN i tell you! All types ade. Apa lagi, Ann & I were like maniacs, trying on here and there - price tak taw lagi. Boots are expensive but who cares kan. Try dulu, then tanye. So we were trying & trying. We found some really nice pairs. We took one each first, nak tanye abang tu how much. Me and Ann was like, fuck laa. Mesti expensive kan. Cuz this one boots on the rack, had this RM68 sticker. Pfft. Ann said, *holding up her choice of boots* "If this boot is RM50, I mmg teros beli ouh". I looked at mine, "Mine mesti minimum RM100 ouuhh". :(

K laaa. Went to see tha abang at the counter. Asked him,

Ann: Bang ni brape?
Abang: 10.
Us: RM10???
Me: Yang ni pulak?
Abang: Iya, samalah. Semua RM10.
*We all looked at it each other in disbelief and did a chicken dance*

My eyes almost popped out of my eye sockets, I swear. RM10. WTF. So Hani, Ann & I got ourselves two boots, a sum total of RM55 - Means it's just RM 9 per boots. & I bought boxers je too. Baju not nice. Mcm gile. Ni haa, miiiiinneeee :) :)

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