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A Riddle To Crack Your Brains
Friday, May 15, 2009

There is this beautiful dress on Sale, selling for RM97.

I'm all broke and so I borrowed RM100 :
  • RM50 from Al
  • RM50 from Mimi.

I bought the dress using RM100 and I got a balance of RM3.

Because splitting RM3 between them was hard, I gave them both each RM1 back, ( RM1 to Al & RM1 to Mimi) meaning I have RM1 left with me.

So now I owe Al & Mimi each RM49. With another RM1 with me.

49 + 49 = 98

98 + 1 = 99

So where did the other RM1 go?

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