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ALHAMDULILLAH! & Congratulations To All :)
Saturday, June 13, 2009

I was in Pavilion, in the midst of watching 17 Again a quarter through, a received a msg from Nik notifying me that results were out. Throughout the WHOLE movie, my heart couldn't stop beating. So gile nervous!

Once i got back, i quickly switched on my PC. & put aside my phone as my "checking-result-routine" would be to avoid any calls, eyes on the pc, and bace bismillahirrahmanirrahim throughout the whole proccess ( I know, lol ). Thats what I do every semester, and it has never failed to make me proud!

So off I clicked away in UiTM's website. & oh my holy gosh, LEMBAB gile the server. I had to retry so many times until I managed to click the Mini Transcript. Sgt sgt takot. My heart was racing like mad. I see yellow.

My eyes scrolled all the way down to Semester 4......... 3.73. & I went on my knees to sujud syukur. Alhamdulillah, obviously a drop from my previous sem, but, pfft, its still good!

I got a 4 flat for my Economics. :X I know, throughout the whole entire classes, I cudn't understand one single bit. Except for the yg plot graph tu x) I kept trying to understand but I couldn't. So towards the midterm & finals, I just took the purple eco book, and walaaa, I cud understand! I am glad that when I start to pick up, I'm a fast learner. But if I can't, forget it - I never will.

To all my lecturers & friends, thank you for your guidance! & congratulations to all who did well! You guys deserve :)) Anbreen, go enjoy your Pulau Kapas! :D Haha

PS: Now I feel like eating Tony Roma's 13"inch platter of Bountiful Beef Ribs again. Mmmmm~ & the Buffalo Wings! T________T & the Caesar Salad.. T_______________T


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