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Donkey Years!
Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh gosh. I just finished removing all the cobwebs and dusts that has built up on my blog. Its been AGES since I've blogged. Why? Well obviously it's because I have a life out there.

This semester was a killer semester with assignments piling up every week. I remember having to stay up the whole night with my fellow groupmates and having our very own orgy discussion at Ann's room. Tapi yang most kesian is Anis laa, who was given the task of preparing the Financial Plan for our Entrepreneurship Business Plan. LOL. Sorry Anis, I love you! :D But the shiiittt was when halfway through our presentation, we had to present in front of accountancy students. Haa, amek kau, mulut part 1 tak reti tutop, pointing out our financial mistakes. Dudok diam-diam sudah! Jolok karang duit dlm bontot baru taw!

And then we had our Communication Research assignments that never seems to have an end. And I mean, NO END. There's always the re-do and the extra weekly assignments.

Well, no point talking about assignments now cause they're all history! Finals have ended and I'm happily at home enjoying my beauttiuffffullll holidaaayy! Watch movie, lepak mamak, play Band Hero sampai pukol 2 pagi, whooo, that's life. & soon, I'll be travelling off to Bangkok for a shopping spree!! All the MAS flight tickets to Bangkok seems to be fully-booked. But I'm going over to KL Sentral tomorrow to enquire about it. Telephone hotline tah pape kena tunggu half an hour for an agent before having to be on hold again to be passed to another agent.

I ought to head to bed now! Good night~ <3

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